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The Red Room

 It was late autumn and quite chilly outside, my house was always dimly lit and at this time of year it looked quite foreboding to passers by. Inside I had nice muted colors with little clutter about with the exception of one room, the room at the end of the hall. It seemed almost out of place in my dark house, when you open the door the smell of exotic oils from around the world would flood your nose and as you inhale you feel all of life tensions begin to melt from your body. Its is quite a magical room, a room that few will ever see or even know about. 

There is a knock at my front door just as I am lighting the last of the dozens of candles. As I open the door to my surprise no one is there, thinking maybe I was hearing things I start to close the door and I hear a faint voice “wait”. I look beyond the hedge to see her, why are you hiding in my bushes?  As a smile grows on my face seeing her blush. She said she wasn’t sure if she should come over and she was getting nervous about being here with me again. As my hand reaches out to her, the uncertainty vanishes from her eyes and she moves closer towards me. 

I pull her in and give her the biggest hug for I have not seen my special friend in many years, I drink in her beauty with thirsty eyes and invite her in out of the cold. I ask her if she is hungry, she does not answer but when she sees the open bottle of red wine and bowl of assorted melons and grapes she looked at me asking what else was on my mind. 

With a grin I hand her a glass of wine and take her hand in mine and we start to the room at the end of the hall. taking her trench coat I see for the first time what she is wearing, a beautiful crimson top and a very short black skirt, stockings with garter belt and some very sexy black high heeled shoes. My heart races for a moment as I take in this vision asking what did you have in mind tonight? With the same girlish grin that I fell in love with so many years ago she kissed me. I whisper in her ear, do you give yourself to me? she kisses me again and moans yes, yes I am yours. With that I remove the glass of wine from her hand and lead her to the window, as she looked out over the lake I begin to remove her skirt followed by her blouse, my heart races again when i see the red silk panties and matching bra. 

 The candles in the room keep a nice warm temperature throughout with the exception of a slight draft of cold crisp autumn night air seeping in through the sill. I drape her clothes neatly on a chair next to the window and begin to massage her shoulders, her head goes limp and falls forward as I move closer my hands moving over her entire body ever so slowly. My hard cock straining with in the confines of my jeans rubs against her ass as my hands cup her beautiful small breasts. I feel her nipples grow hard on the palms of my hands as she slightly bends over to grind her tight ass into my throbbing cock. 

I raise her arms above her head and slip her hands through the two looped lengths of silk hanging from the ceiling above her, she moans as I tighten the loops around her wrists knowing she can relax even more now. I open the top drawer of the chest next to the chair and pull out a thick black blindfold and place it over her eyes, my cock still finding the crack of her ass as she slowly grinds those sexy panties on me. I reach up and unhook her bra only to release her own binds and let it drape over her swollen breasts. Her nipples wedge between my fingers as I massage them, pinching them almost to the point of pain. I spin her around and kiss her with the gentility of butterfly landing on her lips, the taste of wine still on her mouth tastes so good. Lifting her bra I suckle her hard nipples only to hear her moan with pleasure. I can smell pussy, her musk is unmistakable and sweet my hand lingers down her stomach and caresses her now very moist panties, kissing her at the same time only this time much harder and wetter. 

I remove the silk straps from her wrists and carry her to the large bed laying her down I remove her bra and garter belt and panties, in the drawer next to the bed are some diapers I keep for just such an occasion, I slide one under her ass, bring it up in the front and tape it on her. What a beautiful sight, laying there with a blind fold and a diaper she is in my total control and I know as long as I treat her right she will always be mine. I place a pillow under her head and place a grape to her lips as she chews the sweet fruit I place an ice cube to her nipple and let it melt on her stomach. The mixture of her sweet perfume and candles intoxicates me, adding fuel to my fire I pull out the self heating massage oil and drip it on her feet. As I rub her feet she writhes with a building intensity that will surely make her explode with pleasure when the time is right. I continue to massage her ankles moving ever so slowly up her legs, they seem to move uncontrollably farther apart with every moment, her pelvis arching ever higher with every stroke of her leg. The wetness building inside her diaper is apparent when I slide my hand inside to explore her. Her breathing intensifies and becomes louder as my finger slides in between the lips of her vagina. The sound of my hand inside her diaper turns my already intense erection into something that just has to be released. I remove my jeans and stroke my diapered cock a few times staring at this beautiful creature I have before me, feeding her another grape I pour more oil on her chest and begin to massage her beautiful breasts, I feel her hand seeking out my diaper and watch her smile when she does. I am the luckiest person in the world at this moment, her wearing a diaper for me and also stroking my hard penis while I am wearing a diaper.  I lift off her blindfold and to her happiness I had already blew most of the candles out so it is not so bright in the room, as she looks at me I lean in to kiss her. She once again whispers in my ear and begs me in a soft sultry voice “may I please have your cock inside me?” I smile and kiss her again only to disappear between her legs, massaging her diapered pussy, my cock rubbing against her leg. 

I remove her diaper and the room begins to spin in her eyes as I start to explore her wet pussy with my tongue. Her body thrusts upward to press her rock hard clitoris against my chin. I spread her lips with my thick fingers and lick all around her clit never touching it. My finger slides inside her flesh and she moans deeply, kissing and licking her entire pussy I finally wrap my lips around her clit and flick it with my tongue as I suck it hard. Her cums floods my beard as she has one of the strongest orgasms of her life. My cock ready to explode I need to be inside this beautiful lady. I get up and pull her to the edge of the bed, I roll her over and bring her to her knees. I pull my cock out of the top of my diaperand rub the head of it between her pussy lips. her face falls into the pillow as I slide my cock inside her. The thick head moves past the inner lips of her still dripping pussy and almost pops through as the rest of me slides deep with in her. I can barley move, I am so turned on by her that if I move to fast i will surely cum. Once I am all the way inside her i slap her ass with a flat firm hand, and then massage the almost instant red outline of my hand. The moan she makes was enough to put me over the top and I cum deep inside her, thrusting my cock fast and hard in and out of her, spanking her other ass cheek as my cum runs down the inside of her thigh. I pull my cock out of her and rub the slick shaft in between her ass cheeks up to the base of her back. She falls to her side and I collapse next to her, she moves around to suck whats left of my cum out of my still hard cock. I pull her to me and we wrap ourselves into a ball of sweet sweaty skin. Kissing her deeply and holding her in my arms, she falls asleep in my arms only to wake up a few moments later clean and in a fresh diaper. she sleeps. 

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